Thom Woglom Construction, LLC / Greenway Technologies of Warwick, LLC is located in the heart of Orange County in Warwick, New York. We bring years of experience in the building industry. Whether you are looking for a simple fix-it job or complete turnkey service, we will design, and plan any project from residential homes to offices and light commercial buildings with green techniques, we have the experience and expertise to meet your needs. We work on small projects from home improvements to large commercial offices. View our online portfolio!

We believe that every green choice, big or small, is a positive step for the future. We offer the products and services that can help make those choices second nature for your family and business. So contact us TODAY and let us help you get started living green.

Announcing Hawthorne House Project

Thom Woglom Construction is announcing the construction of Hawthorne House in the Village of Warwick, a remodel of an existing home with green building techniques. A brief description - the existing home will be remodeled with green products where it makes common sense, adding efficiency to the existing space using universal design, economically viable renewable energy sources, and aging in place (CAPS).

All elements of the building shell play key roles in defining the potential energy savings for a house. Green building is a thinking process - making homes are more affordable, healthier for your family, more comfortable, durable, require less maintenance, have higher resale value, and they are much kinder on the environment.

Here we will tell the story, outline the steps, identify the processes we use, and show case the products used and why. Watch the progress here - it is going to be informative!

This was the picture of the existing home. See the before pictures here....
New picture of the Hawthorne Project
Before picture image



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Woglom Construction's ground breaking project raises the bar in commercial energy efficiency.

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We are Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist (CAPS) certified .... more info.

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